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RVSM Approval Process

Step 1:  Certifiable Aircraft

The first step to getting RVSM approval is identifying whether your airplane is equipped for RVSM flight operations.  This can be done be either the airplane manufacturer when new, or it may have been upgraded via an STC (Supplemental Type Certificate).

Step 2:  RVSM Manual and FAA Application

The second step is preparing an application package for submission to the FAA. Part of the application requires developing an RVSM operations program and an RVSM maintenance program.  These programs, along with supporting aircraft and pilot documentation must be submitted to the FAA for review.

Step 3:  Pilot Training

The third step of the RVSM application process is providing proof of RVSM pilot training.  For operators of single pilot rated airplanes, at least one pilot must have received RVSM training through an FAA accepted course.  If the aircraft is dual-pilot rated, at least two pilots must have received such RVSM training.  You can receive RVSM training at a Part 142 facility either in person or online.

Step 4:  FAA Review

After submitting a complete application package to the appropriate FAA office, the office manager or operations supervisor will assign two inspectors to review the information submitted. An operations inspector will review the operations portion of the application, and an airworthiness inspector will review the maintenance portion. As a general rule, the FAA has 60 days to review an RVSM submission

Step 5:  FAA Approval

For Part 91 operators, the FAA issues RVSM approval as an automated Letter of Authorization (LOA). Part 135 operators will receive Operations Specifications (OP SPEC). RVSM approval is not region specific.  FAA RVSM approval for an N-registered aircraft is valid for worldwide RVSM flight operations.

Step 6:  Height Monitoring Flight

Within six months of RVSM approval, you must complete a height monitoring flight on your aircraft (unless one has already been completed). In the United States this is a onetime requirement. But if you fly in Europe you must complete a height monitoring flight once every two years.  The flight can either be an AGHME or GMU flight.

Step 7:  Continuing Compliance

To ensure continued compliance with RVSM requirements, you'll need to keep your RVSM manual and FAA approval document onboard the aircraft. You must maintain your airplane in accordance with your FAA approved RVSM Maintenance Program and the manufacturer's Airplane Maintenance Manual.


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